Welcome to

Ready Player 21

the IEEE VR 2021 Treasure Hunt!

If you are seeing or reading this, it means I am dead…I mean I am an avatar, and so are you. My name is James HOLIDAY.

I have created a set of puzzles for you to solve. Each puzzle results in a key that you can use to unlock a secret room within the campus, where you will find clues to finding the next key. There are four keys in all, and the first person to find all four of them and reach the final room will receive an extra special prize.

Half a billion...No, wait...I mean an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card!

There are leader boards displayed around the campus, and each time someone finds a key, their name will be added to the leader board, along with the time of earning the key.

If you would like to take part in this adventure, please use the QR code that you find below.

Good luck!*

*Please note: The awarding of prizes is at the sole discretion of the conference organisers. All awards are subject to confirmation of the individual successfully completing the puzzles. Individuals employed by the IEEE, Virbela, iLRN, HIT Lab NZ, or NVIDIA, as well as those on the organising committee of the conference and students of the HIT Lab NZ, are not eligible for prizes. But please do play the game if you are keen!

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